Leasing Opportunities

Leasing Opportunities

The JLL leasing team is approachable and held in high regard thanks to the strong relationships they develop with retailers.

With a hands-on approach and a thorough understanding of the demographics of Auburn Redyard, the leasing team identifies the best ways for retailers to develop successful businesses.

For current leasing opportunities at Auburn Redyard, please contact:


Casual Leasing Opportunities

Casual Mall Leasing benefits retailers who require access to innovative, commercial spaces without the risk and costs associated with a permanent lease.

The concept of casual, easing or Pop Up retail at Auburn Redyard continues to generate interest and excitement around new products and businesses.

Casual lease spaces offered at Auburn Redyard present the opportunity for businesses to launch their product onto the market. There are several benefits to Casual Mall Leasing:

  1. Provides the ability to promote your product or service outside your traditional trade area;
  2. Benefit from operating within a proven retail environment, without the commitment of a permanent lease or set up costs;
  3. Test unique concepts on new markets;
  4. Build public awareness of your product or service.
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